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Everyone takes photos with their phone. Have something special.

Why pay for a professional photographer when you can take as many photos and record as many videos as you want, with your phone, right? Not quite. While phone snaps are wonderful daily memories, they don’t include one important element - YOU. You are not in the picture, having fun with your lovely family.

A professional photographer can capture your family as a whole.

It’s photos that you’ll want to print and hang all around your house.

Who am I?

Photography is not just about taking photos, it's about creating memories, story telling and documenting this season in your life. I want you to be able look back on these images in weeks, years or even decades and remember every detail. Being a fellow muma to a very active little boy I personally know how you will never get this time back and how important this investment can be.

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“Our most treasured heirlooms are the memories of our families.”